Giovanni Paciullo

Giovanni Paciullo, Rector of the University for Foreigners of Perugia, is full professor of Private Law. He has been Scientific Director of the Master in Internationalization of the Productive Systems in the Mediterranean Area. His research topics have been specifically characterized for meeting the peculiar setting of the University for Foreigners, that has an historical and solid tradition in the area of Language and Communication for the internationalization process. He has authored monographs and essays investigating the topics of personal rights, radio television systems and commercial advertising. With specific regard to the internationalization subject he has published works dealing with the Southern coast of the Mediterranean area and on the codification process in the People’s Republic of China. Prof. Paciullo’s research interests also include social rights with specific regard to the housing, food, and nutrition right as well as water right.


Globalization and Private Law

This manuscript investigates on the field of language by means of an integrated analysis involving l...

di Giovanni Paciullo

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Right to Water and Human Dignity

This work discusses the Right to Water as a fundamental Human Right in the actual historical and soc...

di Giovanni Paciullo

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