Globalization and Private Law
Interpretation, Cultural Traditions, Language Issues

Giovanni Paciullo

This manuscript investigates on the field of language by means of an integrated analysis involving linguistics, semantics and the language of the law with specific regard to civil and private law. The aim of this work is to raise awareness on the legal lexicon and terminology and its transposition, adaptation and translation while trying to focus on the persistent antinomy between the quest for “clarity” and “harmony”.
“Globalization and private law: Interpretation, Cultural Traditions and Language Issues”, while focusing on the expanding scenario of ‘conflict laws’ as related to the internationalization processes, provides an interesting multidisciplinary perspective on the emerging forensic linguistics discipline and the new international legal English dynamics involving the English, the Latin and ancient French (Anglo-Norman) legal lexicon. The author’s academic profile – within the mission of the University for Foreigners of Perugia, as an educational institution that has successfully promoted the study of Italian language and culture abroad for almost century – has perfectly linked this research into the expanding horizons of his university that have also recently included social and human sciences and other multidisciplinary fields spanning from history to philology, civil rights and linguistic rights issues to cooperation and international relations studies.



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marzo 2014
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