Alberto Banterle

Alberto Banterle was born in Verona on 12‑12‑1940. He attended school in Milan, obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic. He worked for many years in the field of telecommunications, mainly in the organization of Human Resource Management. Since 1999, he has been a contract professor at the University of Trieste for the course of Business Statistics in the Faculty of Economics, now the Department of Mathematical Economics and Statistics. In these years he has been the coordinator of first level Masters degrees in e‑Business and e‑Government to which the Faculties of Engineering, Economics and Psychology have contributed. He has also coordinated a Master in Technological Transfer for Eastern Europe with the Italian Trade and Investment Agency.


The Significance of “Power” in Exchanges

The field of study of this paper is the analysis of the exchange between two subjects. Circumscribed...

di Alberto Banterle

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