Visualisation in English Language Learning

Liliana Landolfi

"Rewind. Visualisation in English Language Learning" offers a possible pathway to ease and detangle mental conditions for personal learning, individual growth and internal wellness. It adopts visualisation as a tool for unlocking those mental schemas and personal beliefs that invalidate performances in formal learning and in other environments. Visualisation proves to be a functional tool to open gates to knowledge and well-being.
Internal wellness generates equilibrium between mind and body, considered as a unique entity. Identity, behaviour, attitude, assertiveness, autonomy, creativity, self-esteem, self-awareness, and more, are all favoured by an internal wellness despite their fields of occurrence (i.e., formal second language learning and wellness-oriented environments).
The world of education and in particular the world of foreign/second language acquisition seems to greatly gain from the use of visualisation in formal learning contexts. Aiming at removing the inner obstacles that impede or sabotage the acquisition of a second language, "Rewind" proposes an innovative and functional approach to the world of education that allows learners to reshape mental schemas and acquisitional styles.



€ 19,00
dicembre 2016
Pagine 221
Formato cm 15,5 x 23
ISBN: 9788864581545
Categoria: Lingue e Letteratura straniera
Collana: Intersezioni/Intersections

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