English for Graphic Arts and Communication

Alberta Cecilian

"English for Graphic Arts and Communication - 1" is a book intended for students of ESP in the field of Graphic and Communication Science at pre-intermediate / intermediate level. The purpose of this book is to integrate the study of the English language with practical everyday applications in order to make the language itself a living instrument which can be applied to studying and working situations. The book is divided into Fourteen Units, a Further Reading Section and three Appendixes. At the end of each Unit an English/Italian Glossary and Grammar Focus section help the reader gain full benefit from the Unit content revising grammar rules and practising the newly acquired vocabulary. A complete coverage of the basic English grammar is meant as a revision of even the simplest rules to the more complex ones. This will help the beginner improve his knowledge in order to understand the written texts, and the more advanced student as a consolidation practice. The “Activity” practice integrates the study of the language with immediate, everyday professional life-related situation practice. “English for Graphic Technical Schools” was written within the parameters of the European Language Framework.

€ 13,50
ottobre 2009
Pagine 133
Formato cm 17 x 24
ISBN: 9788864580036
Categoria: Lingue e Letteratura straniera
Collana: Didattica

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