Traduttrici: female voices across languages

Traduttrici: female voices across languages

The essays collected in Traduttrici: Female Voices across Languages try to answer the question: what does it mean when the translator is a woman? Just like ghosts, women translators used to be largely invisible, but they have unremittingly haunted and have returned to inhabit feminist critical surveys and revisions, conjuring up a long procession of translatresses. For them translation is a contested site, an outpost in a hostile territory from which to challenge predominant male norms and values. Yet, far from giving an homogeneous answer, gender in translation and translating gender interface, moulding the feminine/feminist voices surfacing in the translated text from and to a number of languages. This volume puts together texts from different genres or areas of research, in order to create an interdisciplinary dialogue among them. The methodological approaches employed here range from Corpus Linguistics to Contrastive Analysis, from historical outline to cultural debate.

2011, pagg. 343, cm 15,5 x 23
ISBN: 9788864580241
Categoria: Lingue e Letteratura straniera
Tag: Gender, lingua, translator, feminist, London, Sinclair, Kristeva, Achmatova

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